Lets take a peek into the Dev life...

I'll be straight with you - I've had issues keeping this blog up to date. The amount of "welcome" or "reboot" articles I've written far exceeds the ones that actually contain any useful information.

I feel part of the issue stems from my desire to teach, and to pass my experiences onto fledgling developers to help them in their journey... but I feel I'm just regurgitating information that I've picked up while Googling others for answers.

However, I think I've found an angle. I often find myself in conversations with newer developers or even those who are just curious about how all this stuff works. But instead of basically rewriting How To articles that DigitalOcean.com has already covered (DevOps guys will know... ), I have more humble aspirations.

How does a domain name know where to find your website? Why is SSL important? What is click jacking or SQL injection? What dev stack do I utilise? What the heck is a dev stack anyway!?

Stay tuned... I'm about to regurgitate some knowledge all up in your brainy parts.

...Suprise! I'm also ridiculous - lulz

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